Learn How to Make Your Own Cheese Molds – Hoegger Article

Learn How to Make Your Own Cheese Molds

Learn how to make cheese molds for soft and and semi-firm cheeses from recycled materials in my recent article at Hoegger.



One thought on “Learn How to Make Your Own Cheese Molds – Hoegger Article

  1. I have recently begun home cheesemaking and have noted that as with many specialty items, the cost of some items is quite high. I appreciate your noting how to make a cheese mold from readily available items. But this is for “low pressure” cheeses, not cheddar which requires 40-50 pounds. At the risk of competing with your store, I would like to note that if you don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for cheese mold and press I have found items at Lowe’s that do an admirable job for high pressure cheesemaking. In the plumbing supply section they sell 6″ white PVC end-caps for large diameter plastic pipes for $5.46. If you drill regularly spaced holes through the bottom and sides it works well as a mold. They also sell a 6″ stainless steel cover plate (manufactured by the Oatey company, their product# 427833; it is apparently used on floors to cover access holes). This stainless steel plate makes a great “follower” to compress the cheese. I have also purchased short 4″ PVC segments (“couplers”) that rest on top of the plate and allow for compressive weights to be piled on. Interestingly, Lowe’s also sells woven polyester sleeving that is used to cover perforated “drainage tile” pipes. This is a bit like an endless stocking and comes in white or black cloth). The neat thing about it is that it works just like cheesecloth and if you cut a desired length of this material, you can bind one end very neatly with a small zip-tie and cut off any excess material. This provides a liner for the cheese mold. Finally, the weights for the cheese mold can be small cinder-blocks. I “borrowed” a bathroom scale in the bathroom department and weighed the cinderblock. Since the ones I chose weight 15 lbs, a set of 3 will give the requisite 45 lbs for my cheddar recipe. The total cost of press and components comes to about 15-20 dollars.

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