Switching to Animal Rennet

I need to place a new culture order soon, including rennet. While I haven’t been disappointed with my double strength vegetable rennet, I feel it’s a little lacking. It just doesn’t seem to coagulant quite as efficiently as I would like, and I think the animal rennet might do a better job. Also, it will be an interesting comparison/experience for the cheese nerd in me.

I’ve been using vegetable rennet out of deference to any vegetarians in my classes. But, so far no one has said they were actually vegetarian or asked about making 100% vegetarian cheese, so I might have imagined a problem where there wasn’t one. Of course, in my classes I explain where rennet originated from and that most cheese is not technically vegetarian (I say technically because it’s such a small amount.) Also, I use lipase, which has no vegetarian alternative, in a number of my cheeses so, to some extent, it’s an unavoidable problem.

If my theory proves correct, I’ll of course make a post about it. If you have any personal experiences or opinions about the difference please share in the comments!

Veal Rennet at Get Culture.


2 thoughts on “Switching to Animal Rennet

  1. When I make cheese for “personal use” I use animal rennet, but for my classes I use rennet tablets. I totally understand wanting to be “vegetarian” safe for classes.

  2. What do you like about the animal (I love hearing other cheese maker’s thoughts)?

    I was using liquid DCI Supreme (vegetable) which I like better than the tablets. I haven’t tried the preservative free liquid vegetable version – cool idea but not sure about it’s shelf life. I’m very curious if I’ll see a difference with the veal.

    Do people in your classes ever ask if it’s vegetarian? At the diary I apprenticed at we used the DCI Supreme, so most of the cheese for sale was vegetarian, but in all the markets I sold at no one would ever ask if it was. I wonder if people have no idea that it might not be. I don’t think I did until I got into cheese making.

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